Ordering & Paying
Enable your guests to order from their own devices seamlessly. Or simply allow them to browse the menu
Allow your staff to take orders from their own devices or add, edit and close out tabs started by your guests
We aggregate orders into single tickets from the same table so your kitchen doesn’t get flooded with tickets
Your guests can find their bill by re-scanning the QR code at their table. They can then split their bill as many ways as they like or pay in whole with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Card, Cash, Cheqout Pay or by swiping their card if they prefer.
Labor & Tips
Cheqout is the only QR ordering system we know of that can properly track tip and labor.
No need to have a giant pooled house. The Cheqout Staff App allows your staff to claim tables
Our staff app provides real-time user and end of day reporting. Managers can track how things are going from anywhere. Staff get visibility and control over the entire floor.
Hardware & Network backups
We will provide you with a device that allows you to create back up plans for when your wifi goes out. For example, you can add a personal hot-spot as a backup wifi so you can continue to receive orders and print tickets no matter what.