We learned early on that self-serve with QR codes isn’t for everyone and can often cause chaos and confusion on the dining floor. Our response was to build the Cheqout Staff app which gives each one of your servers visibility and control over their section.
Servers can access open tabs that were started on any of the QR codes and add to them, edit them, or close them out. We also give the server the ability to start the tab themselves and then the customer can scan their table’s QR to add to it, pay for it, or split the bill.
Cheqout’s flexibility lends itself to any service model, from self-serve to full table service, and any hybrid in between. In fact, something we find staff love most about our Staff App is the ability to switch from full service, to self-service in real time over the course of a shift when things get too hectic.
Yes! Our POS functionality is robust yet light-weight in that we are entirely cloud based and there is no need for clunky and expensive hardware. Our full reporting suite offers both a high level overview as well as the ability to dive into the details. We support payments in all forms including QR payments with Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit card, or Cheqout Pay - our ACH payment method. We also support physical card swipes and cash.
We integrate by sending orders to your existing printers so there’s no need to re-enter orders or add any more printers. We operate as a standalone system alongside your current POS. This setup allows us to work with any POS out there and gives you the flexibility to tailor Cheqout to your needs.
Cheqout is free for the restaurant, and there’s no contract.
Cheqout charges customers a 3% service fee on the subtotal of the order for Apple Pay, Google Pay, or when they enter in their card details. But customers can also choose Cheqout Pay for free. Or they can pay with a physical card or cash for free.
Yes, Cheqout works with your POS system's inventory tracker if you enable it to.
You can see a full breakdown below. We take a chunk out of our 3% service fee to rebate you on payment processing for all digital card orders (where we take a service fee).
We’re happy to negotiate on card processing rates.
We can have you up and running in less than a week from initial contact. Depending on your location this can be expedited if necessary.
No worries, we will provide you with a device that allows you to create back up plans for when your WiFi goes out. For example, you can add a personal hot-spot as a backup wifi so you can continue to receive orders and print tickets no matter what.
No. We provide you with all necessary hardware for free. This includes a tablet, our wifi connectivity device, and printers if you are going to use us as your sole POS.
Definitely. We will make sure you have everything you need to operate as smoothly as possible.
Yes. We assign every business a personal representative to be available for support at any time of day. You can always call, text or email us if you need anything at all.
Cheqout offers a full reporting suite, with both high level summaries and downloadable .xls files that will integrate with most bookkeeping software (e.g. Quickbooks). We can also take your existing POS reports and merge them with your Cheqout reports to create one master report for accounting.
Fees to your Customers:
Payment MethodCustomer Fee
Apple Pay or Google Pay3% service fee
Keyed-in Card3% service fee
Cheqout PayFree
Swiped CardFree
Payment Processing Breakdown:
Payment MethodSubtotal processing rateTax & Tip processing rateAverage Effective Rate
Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Keyed-in Card1.8% + $0.302.9%~2.6%
Cheqout Pay1.8%1.8%1.8%
Card Swipes2.9% + $0.302.9%~3.5%
Card On File2.9% + $0.302.9%~3.5%