Yes, Cheqout is 100% free for restaurants! We charge the customer 3% of the subtotal if the customer choose to use card payments or Apple Pay/Google Pay. Alternatively customers pay nothing when they pay with Cheqout Pay, which has a flat processing rate of 1.8% for restaurants.
There are a number of reasons you might want to use Cheqout. Primarily we offer contactless ordering and payments. This allows you to run regular full-service operations on a short budget. It also means you will increase your table turnover time, as well as provide a safe customer experience. Additionally you can use Cheqout pickup ordering to expedite your lines and reduce your delivery costs.
We leave that up to you but we can give you some ideas. We offer two types of QR codes at this time. The first type of QR code corresponds to a table in your restaurant. The second kind of QR code will prompt your customers to enter their names for a pickup order when placing their orders. In your POS either the table number will appear or the name of the customer alongside the order.

If you are operating as a sit-down location, you can use our table QR codes to allow guests to seat themselves and order and pay themselves. When the food is ready you can either deliver it to them at the table, you can call out their table number, or we can text them to come to pick it up from your counter/pickup window.

If you are using Cheqout for pickup, you can place the QR code on your window, a blackboard, the side of your food truck, or anywhere that makes sense for your customers to see it. We are happy to work with you in coming up with a solution that works best for your business. Cheqout is particularly helpful in situations where a long line might be detering passerby from ordering from you. We will text your customers when their drink or meal is ready, so they can pick it up without any contact.
Nope. We allow you to print out a pickup line QR code as well. You could definitely use this QR code at your tables if you will be calling customers by name to retreive the food from your counter.
Installing Cheqout takes as little as 10 seconds. Just select your POS and we automatically import all the details from your POS into Cheqout.
Yes, Cheqout works with your POS system's inventory tracker if you enable it to.
We will provide you QR code placards for your tables. You can also print out placards yourself from our site with any standard color printer. We are also happy to work on a custom solution for your restaurant.
For pickup lines we are happy to try to accommodate whatever you think will work best for you space.
Cheqout currently integrates with Square and Clover. We are happy to work with your POS provider to setup Cheqout for you as well. However, if you need Cheqout immediately we strongly recommend using our POS-less version of Cheqout.
No worries, we will give you a free tablet that can connect to any network or bluetooth kitchen printer and display orders to you. No changes required on your end.
Cheqout may work with Chowly or ItsACheckmate in a couple of months but for now we are focused on ensuring Cheqout can be an entirely free solution for restaurants and cafes.
Yes, while all orders will come in as individual orders to your POS or tablet, our tablet app allows you to group orders by table number so that we automatically print out multiple orders on the same kitchen ticket for the same table.
To our knowledge, Cheqout can print to any Kitchen Printer. We have tested Cheqout on Epson, Star, Network Printers, Bluetooth and even some USB printers. We may have trouble if your printers are directly connected to your POS, however, we can often work around this by either providing a free printer or getting in touch with your POS company.
Yes, You can configure different item categories to print to different print groups throughout your restaurant so that drinks go to the bar and food goes to the kitchen or any variation in between.
We currently support English, Chinese, Spanish, and Korean. However, we can easily support any other left to right language if your restaurant has a need for it.
Since Cheqout integrates directly with your POS system, you cannot add or delete items from Cheqout, only from your POS system. In order to remove a modifier group or change a price, you must change it from your POS system as you normally would and Cheqout will automatically update. You can, however, add images and update all the wording associated with your menu items from the Cheqout menu editor.
We refund our service fee proportionally. For example, if a customer orders a $10 meal, Cheqout's service fee would be $0.30 if paying by Card. If the customer requests a $5 refund, we will refund the customer $0.15. Refunds handled through outside of our website or tablet application cannot be refunded via Cheqout.($0.30 x 0.5). This is handled automatically and does not require any action on your part.
We tax only what you have configured for your POS system. The items will be taxed the same way as if they were entered into your POS system manually. We are working on integrations with some common tax withholding software companies to make your accountants life easier.
We give your customers the ability to email or text themselves their receipts. You can view your orders chronologically from the Receipts page in the manager dashboard.
Yes! You can have a breakfast, lunch, dinner, taco tuesday, or sunday brunch menu. You can schedule your menus from the Cheqout menu editor.
This unfortunately might make Cheqout a bad solution for your restaurant.
This depends on the type of payment processed, the payment processor and often your POS provider as well. Cheqout Processing rates range from 2.9% + $0.30 to 1.8% flat, depending on the account size we are happy to negotiate lowering your rate. To get a lower processing rate please get in touch with us.
While we will still be able to take the order, if your POS system cannot connect to the internet we will not be able to send you the orders. We recommend having staff to cover for you while your system is down.
No. At least not because of Cheqout. Cheqout is not meant to replace your staff but increase their efficiency by helping them turn tables faster and more easily. Our goal is to help waiters serve more tables than they would be able to otherwise. Especially, when short on staff, Cheqout can be a life saver to your waiters and baristas.
Pick up the QR Codes, walk to your trash can, and throw them away. We don't like contracts either. If you need us to delete your account and associated history, please call or email us.